Bollywood Outdoor Tour



Experience the Bollywood facet and the feel of actually being inside a Studio in action

It was around 1940 that Mr. Chandrarao Kadam purchased land at Chandivali. The idea behind this was to create multiple, diverse locations, use them for shooting Mr. Kadam’s own films and also make these locations available to other producers. This innovative concept was unprecedented in the Indian movie context and established a template for many imitators in subsequent years. It took Mr. Kadam nearly 5 years to clear and level the land and a lifetime to create and develop various locations.
Ever film buff has a curiosity to know behind the scene activities, Chandivali studio tour will fulfill their dream. Step into the magical, mesmerizing world of Bollywood, experience the magic of India’s largest Film Industry- *Bollywood*


Time Duration: 1-2  Hours
Minimum Pax: 2
  1. Live Shootings (Movies / Television / AD – As per Availability)
  2. Costume Gallery
  3. Hall of Fame
  4. Den
  5. Makeup Room Passage
  6. Village
  7. Empty Sets ( court, white bungalow, police station & more )
  8. Temple
  • 11:00 am and 2 pm
  • INR 2000/- per Person 
  • Chandivali Studio, Chandivali Road, Via Saki Naka Andheri East, Mumbai – 400072.
  • Entrance fees to all site attractions
  • Cultured, professional, highly qualified and knowledgeable Guide