Banganga Walking Tour

Banganga Walking Tour

Banganga Walking Tour

About the Banganga Walking Tour

Located in Mumbai’s exclusive Malabar Hill at the northern end of Back Bay, Banganga Tank is a sacred oasis that makes you feel as though time has stood still for centuries. The tank offers a contrasting microcosm to the fast-paced city and is not widely known among locals. This is understandable since the secluded Banganga Tank cannot be randomly stumbled upon. However, Banganga Walking Tour with our friendly and experienced English-speaking guide, who was born and raised there and still resides in Banganga Residence, you’ll get to explore the importance of heritage and the role mythology can play in our lives today.

Visiting Banganga Tank provides a unique opportunity to delve into the history of the city and learn about its evolution from seven sparsely populated islands to the bustling metropolis it is today. The Banganga Walkeshwar Walk is flanked by a narrow street lined with temples, homes, and Dharamsalas (religious rest houses). It forms the route of the holy parikrama, a walk around the tank on foot, which Hindus believe to have immense purifying benefits. Additionally, Mumbai’s most famous open-air laundry, the Dhobi Ghat, can also be found here.

Banganga is a sacred water tank located in Walkeshwar, a neighborhood in South Mumbai. Legend has it that Lord Rama created it while he was on his way to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. Thirsty from his journey, Lord Rama struck the ground with his bow, causing water to gush forth and form the tank. Today, Banganga is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus, surrounded by numerous temples and shrines. The area around Banganga and Walkeshwar is also known for its historic architecture and stunning sea views.

Tour Highlights of Banganga Walking Tour:

  • The Oldest Continually Inhabited Place in Mumbai
  • Total 18 temples surrounded: Take a walk to all temples and Guide will give you their deep stories.
  • Memorial Stones: These pallies are memorial stones of dead warriors that are worshiped by Gujaratis.
  • Banganga Tank and Walkeshwar Temple: The steps of Banganga Tank serve many purposes: a play area for children, a social hub for residents, a space to dry washing, and a place to perform puja (worship).  
  • Deepstambhas: (pillars of light) mark the entrance to Banganga Tank, as well as significant temples in the area. Astonishingly, a saint is said to be buried under each one!
  • Street Around Banganga Tank: It is flanked by a narrow street lined with temples, homes, and Dharamsala (religious rest houses).
  • Encroaching Migrant Communities: The area is home to slum-dwellers who have occupied it for the past few decades.
  • Dhobi Ghat: Second largest laundry in Mumbai where you will see Open air laundry which was built by the British.


  • Group Tour: INR 1000/- Per Person (Other person will be in the Group)
  • Private Tour: INR 2000 /- Per Person


  • Operates Every day
  • Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Batch Time: Morning 10:00 am and Evening 5 pm

What To Wear:

  • Please wear modest clothing (for women: no sleeveless shirts, short shorts, or low tops)

Meeting Point: Walkeshwar Bus Depot

Best Apartments, 208, Walkeshwar Rd, Teen Batti, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006

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Here are some common questions:

How long does the walking tour take?

The walking tour can take anywhere from a few hours. We suggest allocating at least 2-3 hours for the tour.

Is the walking tour suitable for children and elderly people?

Yes, the walking tour is suitable for children and elderly people. However, we suggest taking breaks as needed and wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Can I take photographs during the walking tour?

Yes, you can take photographs during the walking tour. However, some temples and shrines may have restrictions on photography, so we suggest checking beforehand.

What should I wear for the walking tour?

It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes and light, breathable clothing. Mumbai can be hot and humid, so it is important to dress appropriately and bring sunscreen and a hat.