Slum Tours

Visit Asia’s Largest Slum, DHARAVI: The Heart of Mumbai.

Why is Dharavi the heart of Mumbai?

Dharavi slum was found in 1882 during the British Raj yet remains to be an iconic destination for the city lovers. Asia’s largest slum Dharavi lies on prime property right in the middle of Indian’s financial capital, Mumbai.  Dharavi is much more than a historic area of Mumbai’s poverty. Most of these things are created innovatively, in very small spaces!
Dharavi is a Houses about One million of Mumbai’s inhabitant and its industries have an annual turnover of approximately US $ 665 million. It has a large number of thriving small-scale industries that produce embroidered garments, export quality leather goods, pottery, plastic and many more. Most of these products are made in tiny manufacturing units spread across the slum and are sold in domestic as well as international markets.
We are pleased to welcome you to witness the hidden treasures of Mumbai. Our walking tours through the industries and residential areas of Dharavi show the unique strengths, opportunities, and challenges of the community. Our aim is to raise awareness while dispelling the negative attitudes many people have about slums. The tour offers walking through narrow alleyways of Dharavi for 2.5 hours. The tour will then end with visiting a KumbharWada pottery colony, where visitors will get to have the unique glimpse of artisans creating all types of pots out of unfired, sun-dried clay.
Some of the areas will be familiar if you have seen the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ as much of the film was shot in Dharavi.
  • Place where Slumdog Millionaire was shot
  • Leather Industries
  • Pottery
  • Making of soap
  • Bakery 
  • Colour Dye
  • Small Alley
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Houses in Slum
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Muslim people making a shrine for Hindus
  • Recycling of veg oil can
  • The most interesting thing, guide himself lives in slums
  • Slum market
  • Group TourINR  700/- Rupees per person. You will be accompanied with up to six other travelers,
  • Private Tour: INR  4,000/- You can bring a maximum of six people on your private tour. (For larger groups, please get in touch)
  • Operates every day
  • Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Morning Tour: 10:30 AM from ( Churchgate ) &  11:30AM from ( Mahim CCD )
  • Afternoon Tour: 2:00 PM from ( Churchgate ) & 2:30 PM from ( Mahim CCD )
  • Evening Tour: 5:00 PM
  • Morning Tour: Churchgate Railway Station Near Ticket Counter  &  Cafe Coffee Day, opposite to Mahim west Railway Station
  • Afternoon Tour: Cafe Coffee Day, opposite to Mahim west Railway Station
  • Evening Tour: Cafe Coffee Day, opposite to Mahim west Railway Station
>What To Wear:
  • Please wear modest clothing (for women: no sleeveless shirts, short shorts, or low tops) and closed-toed shoes.